[Mrs Duke Saunders, Sibyle medium]

[Spiritualism] The GREATEST DISCOVERY EVER MADE, Is the MEDIATION WRITING direct to and from, the Spirit World in One Minute!
[Croydon], [1863?],
230 by 180mm (9 by 7 inches).
2pp, 4to,

The handbill ‘printed on the two inside pages, that it may be framed if desired’ lists the attributes of the Sibyle medium who ‘has the extraordinary gift of holding communions and conversation, for any length of time, and anywhere, with the departed in the Spirit World...’. She continues to outline her abilities and desire to teach others her skills, and goes on to list those with whom she has already made contact, including ‘Adam, God’s first man, who has given an account of the universal law, which God gave him’ and, amongst others, Noah, Moses, Pilate, Queen Elizabeth, ‘the great Sir Isaac Newton, who gives a philosophical explanation of this mediation writing;’...’Van Eyck... gives me the secret of oil painting...’ she also received ‘a great number from our lamented Prince Consort, who has come spontaneously ever since he left this earth, requesting me to write to his beloved Queen, which I did on the 16th November, 1862. And it is by his request I now make it public for the consolation of the world.’ Mrs Suanders outlines her proposed publication of a book of her communications, and seeks a subscription, and further lists her charges teaching and seances ‘teaching to write...5.0.0.; Evening seance, not to exceed seven...1.0.0
[ref: 12565] £180


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