Henry II, King of France (1519-1559)

Document signed by the King ordering silver to be supplied to his goldsmiths

France, 18 June 1547,
200 by 290mm (7¾ by 11½ inches)

Manuscript Order Signed ‘Henry’ by the king with a clear, bold signature, instructing Monsieur de Villeroy to provide silver for the construction of ‘une table d’argent portee par quatre satyres’, with orders for the necessary payments to be made to the goldsmiths, countersigned Bocherel, later annotations in French, addressed to Villeroy on verso. Translation: ‘I have given instructions to Pol Romam and Ascaigne, my goldsmiths, to complete the silver table supported by four satyrs, which the late King, my lord and father, had begun; and for this reason I beg you to have supplied and delivered to them the silver which will be necessary to them for that, and inform me how much you have had to obtain’
[ref: 12550] £950


Henry II of France order for the supply of silver for creating a table with silver legs