Sexually Transmitted Diseases


Marston, Dr W.B (Physician)
Every Visitor to Dr. W. B. Marston’s splendin Museum of Anatomy and the Wonders of Nature,...
Berners Street, Oxford Street, will be presented, free of charge, with his invaluable new medical book, the first treating of Debility, Pimples, Shortness of Breath...and indications of INSANITY...Loss of Manly Vigour and Capacity, and all IMPEDIMENTS TO MARRIAGE!...The Second Part deals of those diseases which are usually contracted in an unguarded moment, showing the Ruinous Effects of Mercury...illustrating...cases which the Author has cured with his Pure Herbal System of daily, for Gentlemen only..

London [dec 1858],
200 by 125mm (7¾ by 5 inches).
single sheet, very neatly laid down

[ref: 12827] £225