[Sculpture] Les Freres Pisani Sculpteurs font toutes sortes d'Ouvrages en marbre et en Albatre...

Florence,   1788, 
100 by 75mm (4 by 3 inches)

engraved trade card, within rope twist border, dated 1788 in ink

Young, Arthur FRS; Travels during the years 1787, 1788 and 1789: “December 1 [1789] - To the shop of brothers Pisani, where, for half an hour, I was foolish enough to wish myself rich, that I might have bought Niobe, the gladiator, Diana, Venus and some other casts from the antique statues. I threw away a few ‘pauls’, instead of three or four hundred ‘zechins’”

[ref: 12557] £200