[Slavery] Accounts for the sale of Slaves and Goods

[America - Southern States], [1864?],
370 by 150mm (14½ by 6 inches)
Single sheet, Folio,

manuscript accounts of sales to named recipients of slaves, livestock, farm produce and chattels, in an illiterate hand with many phonetic spellings, One leaf (pages 3 and 4) of accounts possibly drawn up on the dispersal of a farm or plantation. Among the dispersals were five slaves, including to Helemes, John - ‘1 girele Awen aboute 9 yers $955.00 ; to Johnson, Henry - ‘1 boy Jeferson Aboute 39 ye $1141.00 - this negro was solde on the 19 of janary 1863 with intrs from dat’ ; amongst other items sold were- ‘1 Bay stalion hores $210.00, 1 Bead and Beding $18.00, 5 Hundard Bundeles of fede $125 per - $625. Families [spellings doubtful] include Babb, Sampson, Abner, Melmeth and J M; Stober Garlingto[n?]; Helemes, Hastin, Coalbine and Yanery.

[ref: 12554] £225


Slavery accounts - America 1860s